The Gibson Institute

Set up in 1999 in Queen’s University Belfast, the Gibson Institute for Land, Food and the Environment is part-funded by the Gibson Trust. Within the Institute the Gibson Trust endows The Gibson Chair in Rural and Environmental Economics, the Annual Programme of Studentships for Masters Degrees, Gibson Research Fellowships and University Tutorships, and the Annual Gibson Lecture.
Queen's University, Belfast

Queen’s University, Belfast

The Institute is involved in education and research in the areas of rural development, agricultural and environmental economics, agricultural and food marketing, land use and environmental management, renewable energy, food choice and human nutrition, physical activity and public health.
There are 5 permanent university staff in the Institute: two professors, a postgraduate degree co-coordinator, and two lecturers. There is a visiting honorary professor affiliated to AFBI, a visiting honorary senior lecturer affiliated to CAFRE, plus three visiting university tutors who contribute to the Masters Program and up to three research fellows.
The Institute delivers the full-time and part-time MSc in Sustainable Rural Development and Project Management and the full-time MSc in Leadership for Sustainable Development. It also delivers the BSc in Land Use and Environmental Management which is a degree accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
Together with The South Western Regional College in Omagh, the Institute offers a full time foundation degree FdSc in Land, Environment and Sustainability and a part time FdSc in Rural Sustainability, both of which can progress into Stage 2 of the Institute’s BSc Honors in Land Use and Environmental Management at Queen’s.
The Cell, The South West Regional College, Omagh

The Cell, The South West Regional College, Omagh

The Gibson Institute offers a complete range of rural development sustainability, agricultural and environmental education from foundation degrees to PhDs and provides specialist modules to other Queens’s degrees such as the Agricultural Technology, Geography and Food Quality, Safety and Nutrition Management degrees.  All three levels of education, undergraduate, masters and doctorates in the Institute, are offered both full time and part-time and possibilities exist for study both on and off Queen’s Belfast campus.
The Gibson Institute Research includes major projects funded by UK Research Councils (ESRC, NERC, and MRC) and EU Framework Programs, among others.  The Institute also works with research partners in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many European Countries.
The Institute currently has 12 PhD students on studentships. Their research projects in Northern Ireland study nutritional labeling latent attitudes and household decision-making in analyzing food choices, child safety on farms, valuing forest recreation, animal welfare improvements, dairy farmers’ production decisions, environmental pricing of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, integrating landscape ecology with landscape economics, economic and environmental impacts of greenhouse gas mitigation, assessing the impacts of agri-environment and farm woodland schemes and care-farming to improve people’s lives in border regions of Ireland.